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Brown Dogs

Waggin Tails is proud to offer an immersive two-week board and train option to our customers. We sit down with every customer, and their dog, to develop a customized training plan specific to the constitution of the dog and the desires of the owner. Our trainer then spends two weeks utilizing motivation-driven methods to encourage desired actions while alleviating undesirable behaviors. This makes learning fun for the dog and makes them want to work.


  • Beginners Course

         ($1500) Sit, Stay, Heel, Touch, Leash Control

  • Advanced Course

         (VARIES) Custom Designed Training Plan

  • Personal Training

         ($100 per hour) Additional fees if we travel to your location

Dog Walk


Your dog will be dropped off on a Friday and picked up two Saturdays later. Upon completion of the program, your dog will have a graduation ceremony where we do a 1-hour handover session to train the owners on what the dog has learned.  The first step is to schedule a training consultation to ensure that we are all a great fit for each other. You can schedule a consultation by clicking the 'Book Now' button on our home page and selecting 'Training Consultation' under the 'Appointments' drop down menu. 

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